Top 50 Retail Blogs: The Definitive List


Elizabeth / 13th December 2015


Whether you’re just starting out in retail or are well-established and looking to grow, the constantly-changing retail industry can be hard to keep up with, let alone master. There are countless things to think about, like merchandising, store design, staffing, marketing and eCommerce to name but a few, and whilst there’s undoubtedly a wealth of information and useful insight on the internet, you don’t always know where to look. This is why we’ve hand-picked our top 50 retail blogs and news sites, covering every fathomable angle of retail, so that you can find what you’re looking for to be successful in retail.

Expect to find unique insights, in-depth analysis, expert opinions, retail trends, design innovations, case studies, guides, and much more. We’re confident you’ll find these sites to be invaluable resources in your quest to conquer retail.

Retail Touch Points


The blog of Retail Touch Points never lets us down. They always provide a fresh angle on what's going on in retail, whether it's new director appointments, consumer trends, or an in-depth piece on the next big thing, we always learn something reading their posts.

Internet Retailer

Whether you're purely an online retailer, or are a traditional retailer just starting an online store, Internet Retailer is one of the best sources out there for in-depth analysis, discussions and opinions from top industry experts.

National Retail Federation

It will come as no surprise that the National Retail Federation is featured here. An unrivaled source of knowledge and analysis, they produce a lot of their own great original content, as well as opinion pieces, analysis and discussions.

Retail Merchandiser

The blog at Retail Merchandiser is always serving up an interesting mix of interesting product finds, case studies and industry analysis. And you know it's from a source you can trust - their magazine has been running over 50 years, and his ridden every wave in the industry since then.

Shopify Blog

Shopify don't need to prove their credentials, and it's no surprise therefore that their blog is an authority in itself. They 're always producing great case studies that are an inspiration for upcoming retailers, as well as handy how-to's and valuable opinion pieces from industry leaders.


Forrester's retail blog is one of the go-to authorities in the retail space, and it's quite obvious why. They don't post a lot of content, but what they do post is original, well-researched and always an interesting read. Take a look for in-depth analysis and discussions from industry experts.

Retail Dive

Retail Dive is a great, simple, informative stream of updates from all corners of the retail industry. They post news and updates from leading retailers, helpful how-to's, expert opinion pieces and future trends, and much more.

Inspire Design

Inspire Design is a great blog to stay up to date with design innovations in retail. They're constantly looking for what's new and what the future trends are for both product design and retail store design. With a great appreciation for the real-world customer experience, expect to find some truly gorgeous shop designs.

K3 Retail

The Retail Blogger at K3 is always enriching the wider retail industry discussion with well thought out posts that go beyond just telling us what's happening. They're a sober voice of opinion and reliable insight in retail, with a big emphasis on taking online retail into account too.

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog is at the forefront of interior design, and really pushes the boundaries of retail design. Here you'll find beautiful examples of interior design innovation for shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, offices, hotels and more. Just take a quick look and you really will be inspired.

Retail Geek

Jason and Scot are the retail gurus behind the brilliant podcasts at Retail Geek. Both undisputed authorities in the retail industry, they also offer a refreshing customer-side perspective of retail to really understand what makes a good retail experience from a bad one. If you're willing to hear some potentially hard truths, you'll learn a lot here.

Retail Technology Trends

Retail Technology Trends keeps us constantly up to date with innovations in the use of technology in retail. Always on the pulse, they're always one of the first to know, whether it's about mobile apps, checkout systems, iBeacons, payment cards or pre-ordering.


If you're thinking of biting the bullet and creating your own startup, or already have and aren't well established yet, the retail business guides at Startups contain timeless advice for every challenge you might come across. And because it's from Startups, you know it's advice you can trust.

Customer Insight Group

Customer Insight Group's Loyalty Blog covers, as you might expect, all of the latest updates in the retail section of customer retention and loyalty. They're always keeping us right up to date with brands' new loyalty schemes, as well as innovations in technology and apps that facilitate loyalty points and payments.

Design 4 Retail

Design 4 Retail's blog is a beautiful way to browse the latest in in-store updates and creations. And if you live in the UK, staying up to date with their blog is a great way to find out what new events and exhibits are on, at shops that are really at the forefront of retail today.

Duct Tape Marketing

The blog at Duct Tape Marketing is great just for the sake of hearing from a retail marketing authority like John Jantsch. He'll help you understand how best to target the customers you're getting, and nurture their purchase intent.

Mass Market Retailers

Mass Market Retailers is one of our favourite news sources for grocery, pharmaceutical and discount retail. They're always there with the latest goings on including new appointments, store openings, expansions, products and more, for chain brands and franchises.

Medallion Retail

Medallion Retail's blog is an informative mix of authoritative retail insight, industry news, opinions and discussions, with a strong marketing context. We like them for an alternative and original perspective on many things people take for granted in the retail space, and the subtle ways in which customers are influenced.

Labstore: New Retail Blog

Lab Store's New Retail Blog is a wonderful hand-picked selection of interesting examples of retail success, at all points of the spectrum. They always seem to be able to find the stories that nobody else can, and always provide a thought provoking look at things.

Real Service

The blog at Real Service offers a different look at retail: from a customer service point of view. You can do everything right in store design and marketing, but if your customer service isn't right for your audience, then that will be a barrier to converting sales. Take a look at their sound advice and insight to ensure you've got it spot on.

Kizer & Bender's Retail Adventures

Kizer and Bender offer an interesting take on all things retail in their blog Kizer & Bender's Retail Adventures. From retail marketing to social media, POS systems, customer service, store design and layouts and more, they always give us a unique and interesting approach to retail.

Retail Customer Experience

The blog at Retail Customer Experience covers every aspect of retail from the point of contact between the customer and the brand. They produce a great blend of opinion, insight and news that makes it easy for you to become a retail expert.

The Retail Doctor

Bob Phibbs, aka "The Retail Doctor" is an unquestionable authority in retail, and his blog is no exception. We love his regular updates that combine real-life experiences and anecdotes with great knowledge and understanding of the retail industry. Bob's always on the mark with his own take on things.

Retail Focus

Retail Focus' blog is always keeping us updated with new developments on the UK high street, with a particular focus on new store openings and new development projects. Pop over to see their take on how the retail experience is being transformed in 2016.

Retail Gazette

Retail Gazette is always true to itself and provides us with the latest news for retail brands and how they're performing as a business. To get a clear perspective of the retail business landscape (in the UK) we always make sure to see what RG are saying - they really do have their finger on the pulse of the UK's retail businesses.

Retail Insider

The creation of business specialist Glynn Davis, Retail Insider provides a mix of in-depth analysis, opinions and news, as well as their annual Movers & Shakers Top 100 Report, which makes it worth a visit on its own.

Retail Pro

We love reading the latest posts by the guys at Retail Pro. As experts in the industry, they're always providing new and challenging opinions and insights, as well as a good share of helpful tips and how-to's.

Retail Prophet

Doug Stephens, otherwise known as the Retail Prophet, and his blog of the same name always offer a sober look on what's going on in the retail space. This covers both retail itself and a look at the industry around it, and he's not afraid to go against the grain or call out certain aspects of it.

Retail Store Windows

Jonathan Baker's blog Retail Store Windows lets us delve into the cutting edge of the fashion aspect of retail. But it's not just fashion and clothing he covers; expect to get a glimpse of the forefront of stylish storefronts for home interiors, music, fashion and more.

Retail Week

Industry news, analysis, Q&As, discussions, opinions and technology trends, Retail Week covers them all, and with great authority. They're a great voice in the industry in the UK, and also put on regular events and awards nights.

Retail Wire

Kevin Graff's blog at Retail Wire provide us with regular, real-life examples of what's going on in retail in the US. Combined with original and well-thought out opinion pieces, his blog is a great destination for anyone wanting to get up to speed in retail.

Shoppin Pal

The blog behind Shoppin Pal is never caught lagging behind when there's an industry update or innovation happening. For insights and tips on how to optimise your online or offline store, this blog has a wealth of useful advice on how you can improve your operations.

Soult's Retail View

Soult's Retail View is the home of Graham Soult's writing. A UK retail expert, he writes extensively on new store openings, department store news, supermarkets and co-operatives, and always from a knowledgeable viewpoint.

Planet Retail

For those involved in businesses that deal with retail and consumer products, Planet Retail is a quality source of analysis and insight, including retail design, merchandising and marketing, as well as both online and offline expertise.

Vend HQ

Vend HQ's blog is a great place to go to for tried and tested advice for retail both about your storefront operations, but also on almost all other aspects of a retail business too. Expect in-depth guides and great, actionable tips.

Retail Eye

The blog at Retail Eye always throws up interesting and stimulating posts that you just wouldn't get anywhere else. They have a truly international outlook, and have the knowledge and nous to do it justice.

Retail Minded

The reason we love Retail Minded is because they speak to you on your level, and don't bamboozle you with jargon or fluff. Especially worth visiting if you're just starting out in retail, they have some great guides and how-to articles for those less experienced retailers.

Cross Cap

Cross Cap with their blog offer a great look at how retailers can be smarter with their marketing and business operations. They offer specialised and in-depth posts on what you might be doing wrong, what you should be doing, and how to do it, both online and offline.

Secure Retail

As experts in their field, the guys behind the blog at Secure Retail are always on the mark with new technologies and updates in the field of payment and payment security.

Snap Retail

Snap Retail's blog is like your big brother when going into retail. Take a look through their archived posts and you'll find advice and tutorials for almost every aspect of retail you can think of. And what we love most is that they're usually things that nobody else thinks of.

Retail Assist

The blog at Retail Assist is a fun and original way to stay up to date in the world of retail, from both the retailer and the customer perspective. They're experts in the retail industry who are also down on the frontline every day, so they really know what they're talking about and what the trends are.

Insider Trends

Insider Trends have worked with some of the world's biggest and most prestigious retailers, so their blog is worth listening to now and again. They'll help you with hints and tips on things that will really get the sales going.

Retail Next

You'll get a great mix of industry facts and figures, opinions from those on the ground, analysis posts and videos at Retail Next's blog. So if you don't like reading all the time head over there for a multimedia way to get clued up on retail.


The guys behind the blog at JLL are true champions of the traditional retail outlet. And if you're convinced their days are numbered, head over and read their well-thought-out posts and you'll see why there's still a strong future in physical retail.

Intelligent Retail

We love keeping up with what the multichannel masters are doing over at Intelligent Retail. They're always getting involved in what's happening in the industry.

Shopping Review Blog

Shopping Review Blog is a great way to keep up with retail from the customer viewpoint. They include store and product reviews, new offers and discounts, shopping guides and opinion pieces.

WSL Strategic Retail

Experts in retail strategy, the guys at the WSL blog are always right up to date with what's happening in retail, and always producing insightful analysis into retail performance, shopping habits and retail trends.


As the name might suggest, Re-Tales publishes real-life stories and opinions from people on the frontline of retail - both shoppers and those working in stores. They always come with a unique perspective on retail and aren't afraid to challenge things in the industry.

Independent Retailer

Independent Retailer is set up to be an industry publication for owners of independent retail stores. They're always posting expert advice, in-depth articles and analysis, and interesting feature stories. A definite must-read for any established or budding independent retailers.

Selling To The Masses

Selling To The Masses is a great source of up to date news in the retail industry, as well as the views of retail experts, new product innovations and reviews. Their innovators section is always giving the spotlight to a new and interesting entrepreneur or product invention.

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