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Let Retail Vision’s outstanding creative team give you the Store Design that will wow your customers.

When it comes to retail store design, the things that need to be at the forefront of your mind are the needs and wants of your customer. If you don’t fully understand what your customer desires then you won’t be able to fully satisfy their needs.

Retail Shop design begins with extensive market research, including customer insights, competitor analysis, and future trend forecasting. The design of your retail store should also reflect your brand and values throughout – in the retail space, materials used, finishing touches, and customer communications.


At Retail Vision we employ a six step process when designing a retail store:

  1. Background
  2. Strategy
  3. Creation
  4. Realisation
  5. Implementation
  6. Concept review and finalisation

The basic principle of store design is always to maximise space and increase sales to boost profitability; but simply piling high and selling cheap is no longer good enough for today’s savvy shopper. Consumers don’t just shop to buy products; they’re also looking for a fantastic customer experience too.

Modern customers are increasingly sophisticated – they have busy lives and it is vital that your retail store reflects their needs and aspirations, as well as instilling loyalty and guaranteeing repeat business for you.


As part of a comprehensive shop design strategy it’s important that all customer communication i.e. signage, information and promotional material, is arranged and orchestrated well so that it serves a purpose other than simply filling space like an afterthought.

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