Retail Marketing

What and how do you communicate to your customers to effectively maintain enhance and promote your brand?

So you’ve identified your business goals, recruited the right team, and your store is visually merchandised to perfection; time to put your feet up and make a profit, right?

Well, not quite. Most businesses will have a number of competitors both in the local area and online, so it’s really important to market your business effectively and stand out from the crowd.


Too many retailers think marketing is just about advertising and promoting product and price. But when you’ve done that there is nowhere else to go and you are only as good as last week’s price. In today’s connected world you have to communicate at every point of the customer’s journey.

You have at least 11 opportunities to connect with the customer and communicate your message.

The Customer Journey

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  1. Reach out to potential customers via traditional advertising, i.e. radio, television, and print
  2. Connect to new and existing customers via social media like Facebook and Twitter
  3. Pop up where customers least expect it by advertising on buses and taxis, and remind them that they need your products
  4. A 48 sheet poster campaign in close proximity to your store can point customers in your direction
  5. Make sure the exterior of your store communicates your brand message and draws people in
  6. Use graphic totems, hanging signage etc in the entrance to entice customers to come inside
  7. Further graphics in the foyer of your store, along with best-selling products, and knowledgeable staff on hand will further increase the likelihood of sales
  8. Define each category within your store so that your customers know where to find what they’re looking for, and highlight it with clear signage
  9. Communicate with your customer in the aisles, shelves, and fixtures by placing appropriate signage and products
  10. Ensure that you shout about any promotions or special offers; people love to get a bargain, but they need to be told about it first
  11. Use your staff to communicate your brand values via a company uniform, i.e. branded t-shirts, fleeces, aprons etc


Retail marketing consultants

As one of the leading retail marketing agencies in the UK, Retail Vision’s creative team of designers and retail marketing experts can help you to ensure your business gets noticed by the right people. And not only that, we’ll help you to market your retail business in such a way that visitors to your store or website make a purchase whilst they’re there, and continue to make future purchases.

As part of our retail marketing strategy we’ll begin by helping you to define your brand and build your core brand values. Once your brand identity is established we can then create the appropriate message to deliver to your customers at each point of the customer journey.

If you’d like more information about how Retail Vision can help you to successfully market your retail brand then please get in touch with us on 01484607143 or

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