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Use our One Page Category Management Guide to quickly and effectively set up or improve your Category Management.

Whether you need to implement a brand new category management system or improve your existing processes, Retail Vision offers a free tool to help retailers and suppliers to quickly and effectively solve their category management issues:


The One Page Category Management Guide

As one of the UK’s leading category management consultants, here at Retail Vision we’ve put together a short yet informative retail category management guide. By following the information and advice provided in this free guide you can quickly compare your management organisation against retail best practice, and understand the essential processes you need to implement or improve for an effective programme.

The guide is a short summary of the key processes and how to implement them, with topics including:

  • Definition, what’s the basis for a Category?
  • Product Group Structures, building one for your needs.
  • Data Reports, what you need and what you don’t.
  • Data Sources, in house or market research.
  • How to allocate space and justify it.
  • Category Captains, how do you select one?
  • Market Analysis, Sector Analysis, Product Analysis.
  • The basics of Range Reviews and Construction.
  • How many people and how to organise them?
  • Category timetables, when to do it.

If you’d like to receive a copy of our free retail category management guide, simply enter your details in the box below, and we’ll email you a PDF copy, completely free of charge.


Retail Vision Category Management Services

At Retail Vision we have a team of highly qualified retail management consultant practitioners to help you implement the structures, processes and systems of category management on your own. However, if you need a little extra help in implementing a retail category management system then you can also outsource some or all of the following processes to us:

Categories Structure

This involves the construction of a product hierarchy with categories, sub-categories, product groups, and sub-product groups based on how the customer perceives them and your category definitions.

Product Data Reports

We’ll help you to construct data reports for each category based on the product group hierarchy. For each product the report will show sales, profit, and movement for last year, and year on year growth.

Space Model

Space allocation is an important part of the category management process. Together we’ll construct a space model, allocating space and the number of lines per category for each size of store. This is useful for planning store layouts.

Market Analysis

This involves analysing all the data reports and the market research and putting it into a presentation, showing all the latest market movements and your recommendations for improving the situation.

Range Review/Construction

At this stage a list of your competitors’ range is included in the product data report. Using the knowledge you have from the market research and analysis, you can now construct the perfect range for the category.

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