Bravo Palestine

Retail Opportunity, New Store Concept and Retail Branding for Bravo Supermarkets Palestine.

Bravo Retail Branding


Paul King and the Retail Vision creative team then created a complete new Retail Brand Identity and Store Design for Bravo which has now been implemented in all existing Bravo supermarkets and the new flagship store in Nablus which opened in 2016.

Bravo Retail Opportunity

Palestine is undeveloped in modern retail with Bravo Supermarkets being the only modern supermarket chain. With one modern supermarket of 1600sq mts and 5 smaller stores it has less than 1% market share. Retail Vision reviewed Bravos situation and recommended that the Palestinian market of 99% Disorganized Retail with a value of USD 3.3 billion, could support over 10 modern supermarkets. Retail Vision recommended a Retail Strategy to get market share to enable dominance, scale and a long term ring fence to keep out any multiple or foreign competition

Bravo New Store Format

John Ibbotson and the Retail Vision team developed a new format supermarket model of 2000sq mts, 20,000skus, with emphasis on Fresh Food and Palestinian Grocery, together with a traditional Palestinian Café and Children’s recreation area. The first site was then planned and specified to enable Bravo to implement the new model on the first site in Nablus.


1. All existing stores have grown sales by 15-20%.

2. Nablus Store open and beating all forecasts.

3. Negotiations underway for 10 new sites throughout Palestine.

You can read about the opening of the Bravo flagship store here.

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